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Congratulations. You’re dealing with The Real Ferrelux, the same bonafide Entity that has been around online for decades. There are several impostors, scammers, fraudsters, and the sort out there who have absolutely nothing to do with me or this company, who are using the name without consent, popping up new websites here and there, trying to gain off the credibility and fame off myΒ brand,Β amongst other unethical intentions and practices. Do not be deceived by them, and do not click on their links. These Cyber Criminals have been reported to the Authorities. ~ Lhisa Mrklon

Ferrelux is an independent Alternative News Media platform delivering provocative content. A Wild Card Entity offering a way out of conventional thinking. The Editorials are sometimes humorous & candidly written to invoke awe & shock in an unapologetic effort to promote objective, reflective & introspective thought. There’s also an interest in impacting change for the betterment of Society. Aside from the company’s own efforts, there are endorsements of other on-going political campaigns by various organizations trying to maintain the well-being & rights of dis-empowered people across the globe. And You, supporting certain featured call to action links or buying the promoted consumer product or service helps in that endeavor. Feel free to peruse the site and post your comments on articles.

I’m currently under relentless cyber-attacks from Big Tech & Big Brother, who are engaged in violating the constitutional rights of Conservatives online. My Community & Marketplace sites were redirected to TruthSocial or Gab, & Publicsq or Other Stores until I tested other suitable platforms and rebuilt them. So now you can enjoy those sites when you click the menu.


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