Due To A Massive And Wicked Big Tech & Big Brother Attack Obstructing My Right To Earn A Living, To Protect My Small Business From Their Unscrupulous Practices, I’ve Decided To Re-Vamp How I Go About Making A Living In A Way Too Intelligent For Them To Figure Because They Are intellectually Under-Staffed. They Only Know How To Identify Corporate Entities, Especially Ethnic Ones That May Be Running Something Way Better Than Them And Then Try To Dismantle The Person’s Operation. So Let’s Fight Them Together. If You Like My Ad Model, Consider Running Your Own On Your Website As You Have An Independent Right To Without Harassment From Google Who Runs Its Resources Over Mark Monitor Like Other Major Hosting Sites. So If You Run Into Problems Advertising & Marketing Yourself And They Don’t Like You Or Think You Are Too Unique Cutting Into The Sales Market, Well, Out Of The Blue, They May Offer You A Business Profile Listing As A Way To Trick You Into Signing Up Under Them, Where Their Back Office Controls Are More Designed To Their Liking To Sabotage Your Business Online & Defame It, Selling Your Information, Placing Your Life & Livelihood At Risk And Possibly Closing You Out Of The Major Social Media Sites In An Effort To Pirate & Hijack Your Brand Identity While Opting To Use Your Brand Name For Their Purposes In The Midst Of Trying To Cancel You As Competition All At The Same Time. This Is What They Do Because The American Legal System Plays Games With Them In Court Winning Some Cases But Failing to Further Enforce Compliance To The Laws That Are Suppose To Protect Your Rights. And Registering Your Business Through All The Legal Protections Won’t Help You Much Either No matter How Old Your Business Is. Sites Like Google, Wordpress, Facebook, & Others In League With Them Want You To Respect Their Trademarks But They Don’t Respect Yours. So You Will have To Consider Using Services That Do, While Running Your Business In A Way They Can’t Mess With Or Interfere As You Try To Earn Income.