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📷 Kate Middleton's Mother's Day Royal Family Photo Mishap

Ferrelux Podcast, Episode 5


I decided to post this topic TODAY on Mother’s Day as we celebrate it here in The United States as opposed to when it happened back in March for England. In short, I wonder why a young vibrant and healthy Woman like Her Royal Highness Catherine, Queen In Waiting, would suddenly be struck by Cancer? I’ve studied English History enough to know what goes on and am only touching on some of that.

So recently in America The Press here sparked an interest in Black Women’s Health claiming we die from Cancer more Than Whites as if that’s really true, like they care about us. Anyone anywhere regardless of race who practice a bad diet or have little to no access to proper meals or medical care regardless of race would be in jeopardy health-wise, but for a hated race of people, Blacks have been able to miraculously survive despite a lack of access to things in this Country since Slavery and I’m PROUD of our tenacity to endure.

I Posted The Below 2 Outake Videos On Youtube. Though I did each one minutes apart, I look different in each while speaking on different aspects of the topic. I like showcasing my different looks as some of you know following my work over a decade. In Modeling & Acting they look for different things in a person when booking or casting you for a job and I’m a Talented Person as well as Spiritual and although I’m a Trained Actor, I sometimes don’t need to put forth much effort in portraying certain things since I’m a Natural. I played around with one filter on the video where it looks like I’m wearing a fuscia/hot pink shirt and a slight pale face. I do these videos in general by standing at different spots and saying an unscripted take on a topic.

👉 HRH Kate Middleton's Statement On Her Cancer Diagnosis

~ Lhisa Mrklon

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