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💸 A World For An Economic Contingency Plan

Ferrelux Podcast, Episode 3

As things get much harder here in The United States Of America, being able to survive and realize your dreams elsewhere on the globe all of a sudden becomes an important issue to consider because you deserve better. It’s time to start thinking about what other Countries to try living in, so get your Paperwork together and GO!

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So below are 4 variations of the above video on my other Youtube Channels since these were good too from filming that Session. You’ll notice over the years if you had been paying attention to my photos and videos even back then, that not only have I not aged much, but I also appear to look different in each video, and sometimes in the same video. Well, it’s due to my Energy. It’s quite Spiritual and I deliberately leave these telling signs of it out here with the videos and pictures I choose to show. Overall, I’m not wearing contacts but notice my eyes appear different and my face changes from time to time. I look like different people sometimes to the naked eye, but it is all ME. I’m not in the habit of using Filters also, even though I play around with them sometimes. I make it a point to show actual film & photos without cropping or re-touching in most cases using the natural light and shadow at these locations. Over the years some Smart & Spiritually Gifted People I encounter in person or online saw Something already, that Others have to be told why I might as well Declare It.
~ Lhisa Mrklon

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